Sunday, 7 June 2015

Defining Moments - Singapore - Bharatanatyam - June 2015

Dance India Showcase happens this week at Esplanade with 2 back-to-back showcases of the best in bharatanatyam dance with India's leading dancers. Tickets are selling fast so hurry! 
Transformation is triggered by different forces in our lives. A deep and profound love, the dark abyss of extreme despair, or an unshakable faith; there are moments in our lives that cause us to feel these intense emotions, that change us, mould us and set us on new paths. 

Presented in the traditional maargam format and accompanied by leading musicians from India and Singapore, Priyadarsini Govind's Defining Moments weaves together compositions that contemplate on these significant moments in our lives ranging from the 15th century devotional music of Saint Purandara Dasa to the works of the Tanjore Quartet from the 19th century. 

Priyadarsini will be accompanied by musicians from Singapore and India. 

Apsaras Arts Priyadarsini Govind

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